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Kyrie Irving x Anta Shock Wave 5 Pro PE - Strength

Kyrie Irving x Anta Shock Wave 5 Pro PE - Strength

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Kyrie Irving x ANTA Shock Wave 5 Pro "Strength" is one of the four Irving PE colors created based on Irving's shield as the design inspiration. It explains Irving's belief in family and court. He carries the infinite energy given by his family, which becomes the key to his victory and control of the field.

On the heel of the shoe, Anta also made a design similar to imitation fur material to echo the theme.

The design inspiration of Anta Shock Wave 5 also comes from animals, with a brutal appearance, suitable for field combat.

Cushioning: double-layer nitroedge technology, full palm nitrogen midsole + nitrogen insole.

In terms of torsion resistance: double-layer torsion resistance, carbon fiber anti-torsion sheet in the midfoot, hollowed out TPU in the midfoot, carbon plate on the top, TPU on the bottom, and a TPU accelerator on the forefoot.

Vamp design: new concept, dynamic line technology, dynamic fit to the foot surface during direction change.

Outer hemming: Three-color and three-hardness TPU, the forefoot is soft, flexible to change direction and break through, the midfoot is hard, supports the middle waist and resists torsion, the heel is moderate, and the adjustment is stable.

In terms of soles: it is still the cement nemesis wear-resistant outsole, and the toe cap is covered to protect the toes.

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Customer Reviews

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Kiley Brown
Very nice!

Very bright color, but made very well. My 17-year-old uses this for a basketball and they are great.My son absolutely loves these shoes! No complaints from him or me. I know where he is at all times on the court! Lol