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As we all know, Klay has an indissoluble bond with water. Klay is an Aquarius, and his grandfather was a navy. The team he played for is located in the Bay Area. The combination with Curry is called the Splash Brothers. At the same time, he also likes to sail out to sea .Comprehensive of all kinds of connections between Klay and water, the design inspiration of KT8 comes from Klay Thompson's boat. It symbolizes that he went through difficulties and obstacles to reach his destination.

The KT8 basketball shoes this time pay great attention to stability in technology, using a new nitroedge technology insole and a full palm nitroedge technology midsole, and adding a full palm special-shaped carbon plate and a stretch technology midsole.

The overall use of the sneakers is the "3D FLOW" sneaker technology system, which can ensure stability in three dimensions of support, transition and rise and fall.

In terms of styling, the sneakers use 3D molded variable uppers, which can be switched between high and low tops.

There is a figure 8 pattern on the shoelace, which means the 8th generation of basketball shoes. The 11 on the tongue is because Klay Thompson was selected by the Golden State Warriors in the 2011 NBA draft, which represents the beginning of his career.

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