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In 2022, Shock The Game 6.0 basketball game. After the official release of Shock Wave 4 basketball shoes. Another important member of the Shock The Game series. Anta's Shock The Game series Shock Sweep 4 basketball shoes have also been officially unveiled.

Anta Shock The Game 6.0 Shock Sweep 4, referred to as Anta Shock Sweep 4

On the front of Anta's Shock The Game series of Shock Sweep 4 basketball shoes, Anta made a strap module design to ensure the overall wrapping performance of this pair of sneakers. This is also an inheritance of Sweep 4's design from Sweep 3.

The midsole part adopts Anta A-FLASH-BUBBLE cushioning technology. Cement nemesis sole, specially made for outfield combat.

MARS FOAM Anta Mars foam technology, rebound and shock absorption.

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