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Anta Men's Gordon Hayward GH1 "Girls' Artwork"

Anta Men's Gordon Hayward GH1 "Girls' Artwork"

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In 2019, Hayward fractured his left hand during the Celtics vs. Spurs game. To make his father happy, Hayward's daughter painted cute graffiti on Hayward's arm rest. Anta took this as inspiration and applied graffiti styles on the soles and uppers. At the same time, the daughter's cartoon stickers are specially designed to be decorated with similar Velcro and shoelaces. Finally, the cartoon pattern of the insole highlights the childlikeness of the whole pair of shoes. The shoe box uses a special edition gift box. The heart-shaped design represents the daughter's concern for the father. There are graffiti of her daughter's name around Hayward log0. After opening, the "Dad is always happy" on the lid expressed the most sincere blessings of the daughters in simple words. Finally, the BABY-G jersey egg at the bottom symbolizes the upcoming newborn.

1. A-FLASHFOAM midsole + tiger paw texture bottom flower.
2. "Huya" TPU heel stable support structure.
3. A-SHOCK FIBER upper material brings strong and breathable.

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