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On October 9, 2013, Anta readily announced that the new generation of NBA superstars and Boston Celtics chief point guard Rajon. Rajon Rondo, signed on the evening of October 8th, Boston time, USA to become the basketball spokesperson of ANTA Sports. Rajan, who won the NBA championship and was selected four times in the NBA All-Star Game. Rondo is in his prime of play, and his joining has made Anta's brand-new "strength invaluable" basketball strategy even more powerful.

Rajon Rondo said that he has always been concerned about the cooperation between the Anta brand and the NBA, and the respect of the Anta brand for players and the professional attitude of the development of basketball products have become an important reason for him to choose to cooperate. Most importantly, Rajon Rondo agrees with ANTA Sports’ “Priceless Strength” basketball philosophy. He is honored to be a member of ANTA Sports’ “Priceless Strength” basketball strategy, and looks forward to working with ANTA Sports to make more contributions to the promotion of basketball.

Mr Zheng Jie, Executive Director of Anta Sports and President of Anta Brand, said: “Rajon Rondo is an outstanding representative of the new generation of NBA stars. "The spirit of the brand is consistent with. On the other hand, our latest "strength is priceless" basketball strategy, means that strength is not measured by price, professional basketball shoes do not need to be very expensive, they can also have excellent performance. The common philosophy of Jane Rondo and the ANTA brand. In the next few years, ANTA Sports will work with NBA superstars Rajon Rondo jointly shoulder the mission of promoting the popularization and practicality of basketball, so as to bring more people to the public Consumers can wear professional, high-quality, affordable and cost-effective sneakers, and feel the joy of basketball on their favorite basketball court."

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