Collection: Anta Weightlifting

Unlike other sports, weightlifting shoes require superior stability and resistance to tension. Anta launched weightlifting shoes for the national weightlifting team. The shoes can bear a weight of more than one ton, which is about equal to the sum of the weight of 14 medium-sized adults. This is also the origin of the name of Anta's "tonnage class" weightlifting shoes.
This amazing support, the core technology is:

Sole × upper × overall material, everything is comprehensive, and the "foot work" is full!

Anta has incorporated technologies such as A-Wearable and A-Form into its weightlifting shoes. The former improves the wear resistance and anti-slip performance to 2.5 times that of ordinary materials, and has a strong grip performance. The latter is the arch A-FORM shock absorber technology, which can Absorbs heel impact and reduces the chance of injury.

The upper adopts TALOON's patented clinging system, and the two Velcro firmly lock the instep. The inside of the shoe fits perfectly in all directions of the foot, giving you a comfortable wrapping experience!

The overall material, stable energy loss. The tension value of the shoe eyelet exceeds the national standard by 40%.

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