Collection: Anta Klay Thompson

On the afternoon of February 12, 2015, New York time, Anta officially signed with NBA's top star, Golden State Warriors All-Star shooting guard Klay Thompson.  At the scene, Klay Thompson accepted the "KT FIRE" priceless boots carefully crafted for him by Anta, and joined the Anta "priceless" team.  This is another important decision of Anta in the basketball sector after signing with the NBA.

Thompson is known for three-pointers and defense, and the "splash brothers" formed with Curry are considered the strongest backcourt combination in the league.  Regarding the signing of Thompson, Xu Yang, general manager of Anta’s basketball division, said: Anta’s signing of basketball resources is based on Anta’s overall basketball strategy-the invaluable framework of strength, and it is also for the promotion of basketball with Mr. Thompson. After signing the contract, Anta  He will build his exclusive brand for Thompson and provide the most basketball enthusiasts with cost-effective basketball equipment under the strategy of'strength is priceless'."

Thompson said that he has always been concerned about the cooperation between Anta and the NBA. Through contact with the Anta basketball project staff, he feels that Anta is very professional in product design and development.  He is convinced that Anta can develop high-quality products that support its performance on the court.  In addition, Thompson recognizes Anta's basketball philosophy of "strength is priceless" and looks forward to working with Anta to make more efforts to promote basketball.

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