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Li-Ning Jie'Ao Low - Quenching

Li-Ning Jie'Ao Low - Quenching

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In the jungle of the stadium, strength is king. Day after day, fighting and fighting. The outfield beast returns to the wild in all its glory.

The "NO. 1" print on the tongue records the birth of the first generation of Jie'Ao!

High wear resistance, strong grip
TUFF OS high wear-resistant rubber with rough texture. Improved wear-resistant traction performance, combined with TPU on the forefoot, and side panels with all-round protection, making it easy to control the outfield.

PROBAR LOC arch stabilization system, anti-torsion support, free switching between offense and defense
W-shaped nylon twelve torsion plates, high-strength special-shaped structure, with built-in reinforcement properties. Anti-torsion and arch support are integrated for smoother force exertion.

BOOM flick technology, LIGHT FOAM PLUS lightweight rebound
Li Ning's "Beng" technology midsole is used in the forefoot. The super-large forefoot "Beng" extends to the edge of the forefoot, giving the foot a surging feel. The full back palm "Beng" is thick enough and fully cushioned. It is paired with the LIGHT FOAM PLUS midsole frame to help release the performance and durable protection of the "Beng".

Dynamic packaging, adaptable to changes
The SOLID SYSTEM strapping system dynamically wraps and fits the foot to protect the best condition on the court.

Powerful and stable, long-lasting and fierce fighting
The forefoot TPU side piece + heel reinforcement piece further protect the stability of the shoe body.

Upper balance of strength and comfort
The neckline pillow design provides comfortable wrapping, and the mid-section is reinforced with film to provide lateral support and locking. The mesh upper is made of twisted heddle technology to ensure strength and breathability, and the entire toe is covered with hot-melt film for reinforcement and wear resistance.

Powerful force always provides timely support. In the eyes of his partners, the outfield beast is as reliable as an angel!

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Excellent buy

My weight is 75KG, and my playing style is not very violent. In actual combat, I feel that the forefoot is a little hard, but it is acceptable. The feedback from takeoff and landing is very strong. The contrasting gradients of blue, red, and yellow gave me a great visual impact.