Collection: Peak Phanton Colts 2.0

Stable accelerator, exclusive boots for forward players

Frequent downward cuts, rebounding battles, and defensive confrontations make cushioning protection and stable support the main needs of forward players. The new era's play style of emergency stops, lateral moves, changes of direction, and a large number of signature step-backs require both flexibility, running ability, and more extreme wrapping. Adhering to the concept of demand segmentation, Phanton Colts 2.0 is specially designed for forward players.

The triangular locking structure provides a tight fit and effectively limits the possibility of your feet slipping.

Layer-by-layer reinforcement, combined upper and high-strength materials improve overall rigidity.

The forefoot is lowered and closer to the ground. The cushioning force of the back palm is strengthened to improve the experience.

During strenuous exercise, the flick frame provides firm support. The state pole module deforms greatly and rebounds quickly. The heel is like stepping into a deep ditch, landing smoothly and firmly, and it can provide instant rebound without delay.

TPU extends from the outer mid-waist to the inner heel, forming a 270° three-dimensional support structure.

The "cup holder type" support is designed to be stable, and the side wall of the hard EVA frame of the heel is increased to form a "cup holder type" structure to enhance stability and support.

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